Apple iPhone 15 will not have these assets of the iPhone 15 Pro

Next September Apple will officially announce its new line of iPhone 15 smartphones. Everything points to the presentation of four new devices with the best possible technology.

Even so, the differentiation between the base models and the Pro will persist, despite the adoption of Dynamic Island also in the iPhone 15. However, as it is now reinforced, there will be other points of distinction on the screens of future equipment.

The iPhone 15 will not have ProMotion technology or always-on display

The information is advanced by a Korean source and does not surprise anyone who knows Apple’s strategies. Once again, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will not have the ProMotion display.

Apple iPhone 15

This means that they will have a refresh rate limited to 60 Hz, even when the market is already looking at 120 Hz as standard. Whoever wants to benefit from this more fluid visual experience will have to opt for one of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The absence of ProMotion displays on these devices also means the absence of an Always-on display. This is because Apple uses a variable refresh rate to improve the autonomy of its smartphones.

With the presence of LTPO displays that enable a variable refresh rate, the iPhone 15 Pro will be able to swing this attribute between 1Hz and 120Hz. With the Always-On display showing only some notifications, Apple reduces the refresh rate of its displays by minimum possible.

In this way, it is possible to substantially reduce the energy consumption of this feature and not sacrifice too much the autonomy of the IPhone 15 Pro. Something that will not be possible to achieve in the base model due to the non-use of LTPO screens.

This report reflects Apple’s usual differentiation between the base and Pro models of its smartphones. Therefore, this rumor is very likely to come true and that should not surprise anyone.

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