Apple iPhone 13: there is a country in Europe where you have headphones in the box

France is inflexible in protecting the consumer and in guaranteeing what it considers an indispensable accessory for the safety of its citizens, the headphones. Thus, in the box of each Apple iPhone 13 Earpods continue to be included.

The justification is related to the demand for the “hands-free kit”, very popular among the French to mediate phone calls and protect children. As such, the existence of a headset with every new smartphone is considered relevant.

France forces Apple to include headphones in iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
The box of an Apple iPhone 13 Pro unit with headphones (earphones) included.

By law, in France, the four iPhone 13s continue to reach consumers with EarPods in their respective cases. The legal requirement stipulates that every mobile device must include a “hands-free kit” to protect children under the age of 14 from electromagnetic radiation.

Remember that also with the previous generation – iPhone 12 – Apple was forced to include this same accessory. Thus, in France, the new iPhone 13 reaches the hands of consumers in two cases. The first is the conventional phone booth. The second includes EarPods headphones with a Lightning connection, resulting in more cards per consumer.

EarPods aim to protect children from electromagnetic radiation

Apple earpods
EarPods have a unit price of € 19.00 on Apple’s website.

The announcement of the recall of chargers and earpods was made by Apple in October 2020, introducing the iPhone 12. The move would cause much consternation in the online community, only to be followed by the main rival manufacturers.

In its defense, Apple cites reasons of environmental sustainability, as well as the effort to reduce the use of plastics. On the other hand, new consumers end up deprived of these accessories, without this being reflected in the final price of the mobile device.

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As such, several state consumer protection agencies, especially in Brazil and France, complained to the Cupertino giant. For the Welsh nation, the imposition was quickly accepted by Apple, which began to include these basic headphones.

Apple iPhone 13
The case of the Apple iPhone is considerably thinner than that of the iPhone 12.

On the other hand, Apple also claims that consumers are already used to using wireless solutions. That is, Bluetooth headphones like your AirPods or other equivalent devices. It remains to be debated whether, in fact, environmental concerns are the most important to Apple.

Finally, Apple continues to sell EarPods headphones with lightning cable connection in its official store. The price of these headphones is € 19 and they are available worldwide.

In Portugal, the new Apple iPhone 13 lack a charger and headphones, as in the main world markets.

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