Apple: 5 Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other mobile devices accompany us everywhere because they are very easy to carry and offer all kinds of possible entertainment.

But inevitably it faced the limitations of battery life. Here are some tricks you can use to extend the life of your iPhone, based on Apple’s recommendations.

Apple recommendations to save battery on your iPhone

Currently, battery life will be the most frequent “problem” that users will face when they are on the go, accompanied by their mobile devices. And with that in mind, Apple recently published on its official website some recommendations that can extend the battery life of the iPhone.

1. Keep iPhone away from environments with extreme temperatures

One of the first recommendations is that the iPhone stay away from extreme temperatures, whether they are freezing or scorching. According to the company, the ideal temperature range for the iPhone is between 16 and 22 degrees.

More: Apple warns that the smartphone should not come into contact with environments with a temperature of 35ÂșC or higher, as this can permanently affect the battery, that is, it can no longer be recharged.

2. Do not charge your Apple smartphone in high temperature environment

The Cupertino company strongly recommends users not to charge the iPhone in high-temperature environments. All because when the smartphone battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the built-in software can limit the charge after it reaches the 80% mark.

3. Check the temperature of the smartphone when charging with a protective case

This is another of Apple’s recommendations. Make sure that when charging the smartphone with the protective cover, the terminal does not overheat. It should be noted that this affects the battery capacity. For that reason, if the iPhone gets too hot, it should be charged without the protective case.

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4. Do not fully charge/discharge iPhone

Apple recommends that users do not store their iPhone with a fully charged or discharged battery. All because a 0% battery can go into deep discharge mode and not recharge. Already at 100% battery, storing iPhone can lose some of the battery’s capacity and thus reduce battery life.

5. Charge your iPhone every six months

This recommendation is recommended for users who buy the terminal and keep it for later use. In this specific case, the company advises that the terminal be charged until it reaches 50% battery, every six months.

So, these are some tips that Apple has prepared for its users so that the useful life of their smartphone not only follows the rhythm of day to day, but also so that it does not fail in those crucial moments.

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