Android 15 offers satellite connectivity for emergencies

Google started this second developer preview of Android 15, that brings with it the expected Satellite connectivity support along with improvements in contactless payments, multilingual recognition, volume consistency and interaction with PDF files across applications.

The latest preview addresses some annoyances and security concerns faced by Android users such as: B. by making apps more aware of why some services may not be available when devices use a satellite connection.

This is also the one first official confirmation that Android 15 will come with satellite messagingwith Google saying the new preview includes support for “Pre-installed RCS apps to use satellite connectivity to send and receive messages.”

Support is also being introduced for Screen recording detection for apps, allowing them to notify users when their activity is being recorded.

The Reliability of contactless payment One-touch is also being improved for apps that use NFC, and the multilingual audio recognition introduced in Android 14 is being refined to prevent words from being skipped when the user switches between languages.

The small outdoor screens on foldable phones is also set to become increasingly useful as developers gain direct access to more ways to interact with them, while support for a new CTA 2075 volume standard should help Android users avoid having to adjust inconsistent volume levels when switching between content.

And finally, Google is making “significant improvements.” PDF functions in apps, Added support for password protected files, annotations, form editing, search and selection with copy.

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