Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s Compensation Is Too High. Or at least that’s what ISS, the world’s largest investor advisory firm, thinks.

“The value of the $214 million of the new CEO is excessive in the context of an internal promotionISS wrote in a report shared with customers on Thursday.

«The remuneration program lacks any link with objective and pre-established performance criteria», continuous report it.

ISS is the world’s largest investor advisory firm. Offers recommendations to shareholders of listed companies on the direction of their vote.

Last week, another company called Glass Lewis said there is a disconnection “between pay and performance” in the salary packages of Amazon’s top executives.

Both companies suggest that shareholders vote to reject compensation packages for Amazon’s top leaders in a non-binding vote at the company’s annual meeting scheduled for May 25.

Jassy took over as CEO of Amazon from Jeff Bezos in July. In 2021, Jassy received $212,701,169 in compensation. Only $175,000 of that amount came from his salary.

The rest came from actions: it was granted 61,000 shares that would be delivered over 10 years, worth $211,933,520 when he became CEO.

Jassy isn’t the only Amazon executive whose salary is in question. Selipsky, who runs Amazon Web Services, won almost $81.5 million in 2021, more in a five-year stock grant. Clark leads Amazon’s retail and logistics business and has received 56 million dollars last year.


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