Home Sports All open for the last day of the Madrid Professional Championship

All open for the last day of the Madrid Professional Championship

All open for the last day of the Madrid Professional Championship

Although the beginnings of the second day of Madrid PGAe Professional Championship They looked idyllic for playing golf with spring temperatures and practically no wind, it was just a mirage that lasted a couple of hours. Then, the demanding route of the Real CG Lomas-Bosque, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, with impeccable preparation, added to a drop in temperatures and, above all, a gusty and strong wind at times, caused the players to start adding more hits than usual.

Although none of that seemed to matter to the man from Malaga Ignacio Gomez Osuna, who signed the best lap of the day (67 shots, -5), and finished third in the standings, two shots behind the co-leaders, Daniel Berna and Antonio Hortal.

Berna, who started the day as leader, managed to hold on to the result adding as many hits as errors for a total of 72 hits, and it will come out in the last decision day that will be played this Saturday in the match with Antonio Hortal, who began the morning just when the wind was picking up the most and added three bogeys in the first nine holes for a single birdie, to overcome in the last 9 holes (the player from Madrid began the day with hole 10) and add five more birdies (69 strokes, -3) placing six strokes under par in the accumulated with Berna.

“I have played well. I have not made more birdies because I have not left them close, but when some putts come in, Lomas-Bosque is one of those courses that, from time to time, allows you to make few ”, commented Hortal. In the end, only a dozen players have managed to remain below par on the field after the second day, and this Saturday, in the last day, 42 players make their start in a final round in which Antonio Hortal, who already won the tournament in 2022 at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, could become the first player to revalidate the title of Champion of Madrid for Professionals.

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For Ignacio Guerras, president of the Madrid Golf Federation: “They are having good days of golf and this tournament is the culmination of the constant dedication and affection that the Committee of Professionals dedicates, with the organization of the largest professional circuit in Spain, with 19 events, and the integration of the Madrid Championship into the PGA Spain Golf Tour, which gives it a higher status of which we are very proud and excited. Furthermore, what better setting than the Real CG Lomas-Bosque on the 50th anniversary of its foundation. A club recognized for its excellence and which has been working tirelessly since its creation to promote the growth of golf in Madrid”.

For his part, Ander Martínez, president of the PGAe, He also highlighted the good organization of the event: “From the Association I want to highlight that We are super proud to continue counting on the collaboration of the Madrid Golf Federation to be able to carry out this Madrid PGAe Professional Championship, and that we have been able to integrate it into the PGA Spain Golf Tour 2023. We are very proud that a historic course such as RCG Lomas-Bosque welcomes us on such a special date in which the club commemorates its 50th anniversary. A historic club, moreover, for all the great events it has hosted in all those years…”.

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