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Kalex fixes a big Honda problem

Kalex fixes a big Honda problem

It would be almost miraculous that a single element, and at the first change, could solve all Honda’s problems. But at least it seems that in the Kalex chassis, the brand of the golden wing has found an ally that will allow them to take crucial steps forward in their desire to return to the top of MotoGP. It was not an easy start: Bradl crashed in the Jerez test with hardly any test margin when they installed the new frame and a problem on Mir’s RC213V prevented the Spaniard from completing a lap with that element. However, there are second chances that can be good how the Repsol Honda lived during the weekend in Le Mans.

The new chassis was so convincing that after Friday’s practice at the French track, Márquez and Mir decided to continue using it for the rest of the weekend. But what led the drivers in the official box to make that decision? The starting point is that the new frame is not perfect, but at least it surpassed what is present. The Spanish couple felt “a little better” As the Spaniard highlighted, he was not even the best unemployed. In the process of adaptation by the 2020 champion, it was Marc who most knew how to extract the virtues of a frame that finally gave him what the ilerdense had been looking for for years: a stable front wheel that would allow him to show off his classic handling. He recognized it this way: “I have driven like it had been a long time since I could”.

The benefit did not come free and Márquez paid its price: “When turning in the middle of the curve I prefer the previous chassis.” Mir reaffirmed the feelings after Sunday at Le Mans: “I had some problems really stopping the bike and keeping the line and then I couldn’t”. But nevertheless, in the balance, this loss compensates for the rest of the virtues of a less rigid and more adaptable chassis that, above all, has given pilots safety despite the double zero for Repsol Honda in the race. Now there is a greater margin of error with the front end and that, at the moment, is a crucial issue within HRC.

in the last few seasons the Japanese motorcycle has broken records for falls, of which several resulted in major injuries, but now You can make more mistakes you can go long and come back”. “With the other (Honda chassis), it is very critical, and it is very difficult to understand the front tire. but with this one (Kalex chassis) you have more notices”, Marc highlighted about a new frame that came with virtues and also controversy. at least for Álex Rins, who was left without trying a piece from which a third unit magically appeared when the ilerdense requested it, to have two exactly identical motorcycles in his box.

Marquez asks for more

The eight-time champion wanted to leave Le Mans with certain conclusions and he succeeded. The Kalex chassis “is not the only step we need, we need more”. The difference with the head, without taking risks that suddenly put an end to all the effort of a driver as happened in turn 7 of the French track two laps from the end, are the clearest evidence. Honda continues to “lose too much” and although now there is more margin for error, this bike is still far from being the complete work with which they dominated the World Championship. The frame of the German supplier “is only a small help”, and Márquez continues to demand more from HRC. Now they must improve how to “stop the bike and accelerate out of the corners”.

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