Home Entertainment Zayed Khan did not get a visa to go to Cannes

Zayed Khan did not get a visa to go to Cannes

Zayed Khan did not get a visa to go to Cannes

A delegation of FDC is scheduled to go to the Cannes Film Festival. Actor Zayed Khan was supposed to go with this delegation. Even the plane tickets were cut. But in the end Zayed Khan did not go to Cannes.

Not only Zayed Khan, actress Nipun Akhtar was also in this team. It can be said that their dream is broken. They were not issued visas by the French embassy. Zayed Khan himself said this.

This time on behalf of the Dhaka film industry, a stall was allocated on time at the Marche du Film of the Cannes Film Festival. But in the end the delegation of Bangladesh did not have the opportunity to go to their stall. Because by the time the delegation arrives in Cannes, it will be time for Marche du film to come down. Perhaps thinking about this, the French Embassy returned the passports of the delegation of Bangladesh including Zayed Khan without visa.

The embassy informed, ‘shortage of time’.

The passport was submitted late at the French Embassy. Why so late? While searching for the answer, it was found that there were 20 names in this delegation. It took a long time to summarize. After submitting the passport, I was supposed to get the visa today.