There is a large following of the Bollywood actor Govinda. In his career, he has earned a name, wealth, and a lot of fame. They lack nothing, but there are times in life when you start to feel poor. Something similar happened with Govinda when his eldest daughter passed away. Referring to this incident in an interview, Govinda had said that there was a time when even the woman who was begging on the road began to think of herself as rich.

Govinda had mentioned this bad stage of his life in an old interview. When asked by the show’s host, Suresh Oberoi, about the worst stage of her married life, she told her that her first daughter had passed away in four months. Govinda said that “She was very weak because she was a premature baby. When she passed away, I thought, God, what a sin has happened to my hands that this happened to me. So my mother said it at the Narmada river in Gujarat. Come on .. . so while we were on our way, a woman on the way started banging on the window again and again, she had a child on her lap. I don’t believe so much in luck. After calling four or five times, the fifth When she saw the child on my lap, he was hiding his child, then I felt that I am a beggar and this is the mistress.

Bollywood actor Govinda married Sunita Ahuja for love in 1987. They both have a son and a daughter. He had kept his marriage a secret for a long time. He feared it could have a negative effect on his career.



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