3 (good) Xiaomi products already on sale in the Xiaomi Store

The myriad of products and gadgets. xiaomi for sale in Portugal presents us with excellent opportunities for occasional savings. Below we present at least three good teams to take care of the home, or to improve our setting work and play and gaming.

Specifically, we highlight two of Xiaomi’s products now with a 33% discount applied to their usual price. In addition, we also have the 34” gaming monitor from the Chinese manufacturer led by Lei Jun, elegant and powerful, with a slight curvature.

We hope, with this article, to inform you about good savings opportunities on useful products that can improve your daily life. Without further ado, go through the list and choose the device that suits you best.

1. Xiaomi Mi Curved 34” Gaming Monitor

Mi Curved 34 Gaming Monitor

Resolution 4K (3440 x1440) pixels
Update frequency 144hz
Response time 4 milliseconds
Shine: up to 300 nits
curvature: 1500R
Power: 31W

First of all, we have an excellent option to renew your game settings, or a great new screen even for office work. At stake is a 4K display with a high refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, with a maximum brightness of up to 300 nits.

We can also highlight the two HDMI 2.0 inputs, in addition to the 21:9 format for a panoramic view and its 4 ms response time, something standard for this type of screen. Finally, it presents a solid construction, with discreet black finishes.

2. XIAOMI G11 Vacuum Cleaner

XIAOMI G11 Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 185 AW suction
Multi-surface brush head
tangle free technology
Smart suction power adjustment
high capacity battery
Autonomy: up to 60 minutes
Power: 500W
Weight: 1.6kg

In second place we have one of the best Xiaomi upright vacuum cleaners in Portugal. The Xiaomi G11 vacuum cleaner model has a strong power of up to 185 AW, with multiple brushes and nozzles to better clean different surfaces and objects.

It also has a range of up to 60 minutes, which is already commendable for this type of upright vacuum cleaner. Thus, with the discount applied now, the product is much more attractive and remarkable for cleaning our home.

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3. Mini vacuum cleaner My vacuum cleaner

My Vacuum Cleaner Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 8 AW suction
tip and brush
Autonomy: up to 30 minutes
Deposit: 100ml
Weight: 0.5kg

In third place we also find a small and versatile Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner, to clean the car or other small space. It’s essentially the size of a 1.5L water bottle (minus a bit) and it proves capable.

It’s equipped with two attachments, the standard brush and nozzle, to ensure you always have the right attachment for the job. There is also the HEPA filter to ensure better filtration for this Xiaomi mini vacuum cleaner.

Buy safely in your store Xiaomi Store UK

We have yet to make it known that, for more payment flexibility, the consumer can also take advantage of Klarna’s services. By the way, this is a modality, adding flexibility in payment.

Also note that you can find more products at good prices at dedicated page the arrival of spring, with more opportunities now that the days begin to have more sun. There you can find even more products at attractive prices.

XIAOMI Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L Deep Fryer

Ability: 4 liters
Power: 1600W
Protection: Overheating, Non-slip base, Heat resistant handle, Ventilation grill.
Additional features: observation window; more than 100 recipes

Furthermore, and as a curiosity, we also list the new fryer from Xiaomi. It is the latest air fryer, now with greater food preparation capacity and already available in our market.

Finally, it should be remembered that these Xiaomi products are available in all Xiaomi physical stores in Portugal. This, in addition to the aforementioned official online store of the brand to buy from home.

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