22 apps and games too good to be free on the Google Play Store

We start the week with a new selection of good applications cousin temporarily free for Android, in order to improve our readers’ day. To do so, you will find a good list of productivity, gaming, and personalization apps here.

In particular we have several productivity applications for which you would normally pay, but for the time indicated for each one they will be free. That way, whether out of curiosity or necessity, enjoy and download the listed content without paying.

General utility applications for Android

All the applications are present in the official store for Android, the Google Play Store, so the installation is safe and where you can also see the reviews sent by users. Anyway, we only select the best apps from the Play Store.

Games to install on an Android smartphone

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Instruments. Solutions. Learning. Here you have several applications for financial management, unit conversion, gallery for your images with various organization options, as well as applications to easily learn new languages. It also has a mineral guide and also a more suitable tool for Android app and content developers.

Personalization for Android

Browse the list of apps above according to your needs, and if any of this content is useful, you can download it without paying for your Android phone, or even your tablet.

The list of temporarily free premium games includes great games like Let The Pharaoh Free, Cartoon Craft, and Timing Hero PV. Anyway, you have more games to choose from, all free for the period indicated in each content.

You can find games here 8 bit retro, puzzle and puzzle games, as well as RPGs and exploration / action adventures. You just have to choose the ones you like the most and download them without paying from the Google Play Store.

Lastly, we have two icon packs to change the overall look of your mobile device. They are good ways to change the predefined icons of the system for something else that you like and that suits your style, now without paying.

Remember that all this content will be paid again, so take advantage of the promotions and giveaways of the week! You can safely install all these apps through the Google Play Store and they will remain yours until you decide to remove them.

Enjoy and renew your Android tablet or smartphone.

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