17 games and apps too good to be free on the Google Play Store

The weekend is coming and what better way to start this time of rest and leisure than with the new applications for our Android phone? With that in mind, we select good applications cousin which are now free on the Google Play Store.

Then you can find productivity apps, fun Android games, as well as customization apps to change the look of your mobile device. All these apps are listed in the official store, Google Play Store.

General utility applications for Android

To make it easier to read we have divided the applications cousin (now free) in three groups, in addition to indicating the free period, as well as the usual price of each content. Take advantage of this opportunity and get the gifts of the week.

Games to install on an Android smartphone

Above you will find several applications with specific functions that you can add to your Android tablet or smartphone. They are applications cousin that you can now download without paying. See, for example, Shortcut Manager.

Personalization for Android

Choose the one that best suits your needs and download it safely through the Google Play Store.

To enjoy your free time for the next few days, you can download these games without paying. The respective developers have chosen to make this content available for free, for the indicated time, and now is the best time to discover it.

In particular, we can recommend DungeonCorp, one of the funniest games on this list. You can download it without paying and if you are looking for a game with elegant graphics Cartoon, with a very nice story, this will be the recommendation of the day.

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Anyway, here you have games of various genres, from shooters to role-playing and action games, as well as some brain-stimulating puzzle games. Choose the types of games that you like the most and download them without worry.

Finally, we indicate two customization applications, the first being one rocket launcher or launcher for Android. It is a well-designed app that can change the overall look of your Android smartphone or tablet, whichever you prefer.

They are easy to use and configure applications, allowing the user to give a new Look to your team. Remember that you can always see the ratings assigned by users to each application in the Google Play Store.

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