15 free apps to listen to music offline on iPhone and Android


The best apps for listening to music offline are here. Be it the best Android app or the best offline music app for iPhone. They are, in practice, the solution to listen to music without Internet, if the data package is limited, has run out or if you are looking for an alternative to the standard player.

From the best music streaming app with the ability to listen offline, to the most capable players. We present the highlights of each application to listen to music with free options and some cousin.

The applications for iOS (iPhone) and Android that allow you to listen to music offline are divided into two types: 1. Offline music players; 2. Services of transmission of music and podcasts.

1. Spotify

OR Apple Music It is the best application to listen to music on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, for example. service transmission The Apple Music Channel allows you to listen to music offline, but requires a monthly subscription to the platform.

In addition to being one of the platforms for transmission The fastest growing integration with Apple devices is second to none, but it is also available for Android devices. The application is free, but the use of the service is not.

The highlight is the organization of the music catalog, with exclusives for the platform and high-quality content, carefully selected for the service. If you like the Apple ecosystem, this is the best application to listen to music offline and online.

3. VOX – MP3 and FLAC music player

VOX - MP3 & FLAC Music Player

THE Vox is probably the best offline and online iPhone music app in 2021. For those who want to listen to the downloaded music in the best quality, this is one player excellent with support for MP3 and FLAC, APE, WAV, etc. formats.

However, the application allows you to do much more when you connect to the Internet. It is, in practice, a music aggregator, ideal for those who have a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music and music stored on the iPhone, allowing access to all these sources in the application.

The VOX app for iPhone also allows you to listen to music offline from streaming services, as well as manage the transfer of music to iPhone, with support for CarPlay and other sources. Has a free option, but encourages the plan. cousin.

4. PowerAmp

PowerAMP logo

OR Power amplifier it is probably the best application to listen to music offline. With platforms transmission To lead in popularity, players have been relegated to the background, but there are excellent options like this powerful player.

This offline music listening app is a leading installer for Android, for good reason. The user can fully customize the appearance of the player, in addition to having a great equalizer to adjust the sound profiles to your liking.

We recommend that you install the trial version (proof) for Android phones, to know its functions before purchasing the full version. Poweramp is an Android exclusive, available on the Google Play Store.

5. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

The application Amazon Music allows you to download music for offline listening on iPhone (iOS) and Android. It is an exclusive for Amazon Music subscribers and the Amazon Prime plan, one of the cheapest for transmission of music, movies and series.

The user can download the songs to his smartphone or tablet and listen to them at any time, being stored in the internal memory. However, to listen to them, you need to run the Amazon Music app with a user-friendly interface.

Amazon Prime is currently one of the most advantageous monthly subscription plans, giving you access not only to music, but also to photo storage, as well as transmission of movies and series whose catalog can be consulted at 4gnews.

6. Tide


THE tidal It is a good online music platform, but it also allows you to listen to music offline on iPhone (iOS) and Android even when we do not have Internet. It is the alternative with the best audio quality, suitable for those looking for high fidelity music.

The Tidal app for iPhone and Android also allows you to manage offline content in playlists, favorites, and other categories to be defined. Whether you travel without the internet or download content and listen to it later, this is a good option.

In short, TIDAL is possibly the platform for transmission with the best current audio quality for both Android and iOS (iPhone).

7. VLC Media Player

VLC media player

OR VLC media player It is one of the best offline music player for Android, iOS and computers. It is one of the oldest, complete and recognized on the market. For those looking for a free music player, this is our immediate recommendation.

It stands out for its support for practically all audio formats, from the most conventional such as MP3 to formats without losses like FLAC. So it is the best free offline music app for iPhone and Android.

The application interface is easy to use and understand, allowing you to easily organize your content. It’s a great option for offline music on iPhone, Android, as well as Windows PC and / or Mac.

8. YouTube Music


Google’s streaming platform, the Youtube Music came to definitively replace Play Music as the predominant service, combining music with video. Integration with other services of the giant is one of the biggest benefits.

The subscription costs € 6.99 per month and allows you to listen to music on your computer, or on your mobile phone and on any device connected to the user’s Google account. You can also download your favorite songs to listen to them offline on your mobile phone or PC.

The highlight is the familiarity with YouTube browsing, as well as the ability to listen to music offline, regardless of device. In addition to this, there is a good organization of the application, which is easy to navigate and customize.

9. Shazam

Shazam logo

OR Shazam is the best application to find the song that is playing at a given moment, identifying songs in seconds. The application is different from the others. players and music services that have good integration with other platforms.

Through Shazam Pop-Up you can identify songs in various applications such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, among others. Also, the app works offline and you can enable Auto Shazam to identify songs even after exiting the app.

This service is ideal for sharing music in various other applications and, although it is not exactly one player or music player, it can work offline and it will improve your daily life. It’s a free app worth having!

10. AIMP

AIMP logo

THE Aimp is the best application to change sound profiles and adjust music equalizer. In addition to playing most popular audio file formats, it is ideal for listening to music offline and customizing up to 29 frequencies on the equalizer.

This powerful application has a simple and well-organized interface and helps a lot to manage large amounts of music, cataloging them efficiently. Among WMA, OGG or MP3 files and many others, Aimp is a Swiss army knife.

The application receives regular updates that improve its performance and introduce new functions, from searching to sharing songs. Listening to music offline on Android is one of the best free apps today.

11. Rocket Player

Rocket Player Logo

OR Rocket player is a versatile music player that supports practically all the audio formats in circulation. Besides being one of the best apps for listening to music offline, it also gives you access to podcasts to download and listen to later.

We also highlight the compatibility with Chromecast, if you want to play music from your Android on another speaker or smart TV, among other functions. It also has an alarm clock, plus custom lock screens.

The application is free for Android and the user can customize the appearance of the player with various themes, in addition to providing the lyrics of the songs. In addition, it has a graphic equalizer in ten bands, with a very vibrant design and appearance.

12. Musicolet

Musicotlet logo

OR Musicolet is a free application to listen to music offline, without ads and with a simple but well organized user interface. In addition, it is a lightweight application, which weighs little on mobile device storage and does not connect to the Internet, completely offline.

This is the best app for anyone looking for a player succinct and with a minimalist design, facilitating navigation. You can organize songs into playlists, rename files, and browse folders within the device memory.

The timer is also indicated, to set timers built-in auto lyrics, available shortcuts and widgets, plus available equalizer, player lock screen, and player-specific controls headphones.

13. SoundCloud

SoundCloud logo

OR Soundcloud online is a platform for the publication and distribution of music, podcasts and other audio formats, aimed at a professional audience. Through the SoundCloud Go application it is possible to save music and playlists for offline playback.

This service can be accessed and used for free, with the paid version offering various resources for professionals, musicians, and content creators. For the general public, the SoundCloud app is a great option and Go + is even better.

The highlight is the good organization of the content and the presentation of the songs, very similar to Spotify. Both on Android and iOS, or for computers, the service is complete, intuitive and with a great emphasis on artists and creators.

14. Audiomack

AudioMack Logo

THE Audiomack is a platform to share music, discover artists, brands and fans of the best music. The application is free for Android, iOS and you can also use it on your computer to download music and listen to it offline, or share it on networks.

The “atmosphere” of the application is the highlight since it gives us a wide range of songs, with the best lists and the various genres of current music. You can listen to the trends or create your favorite albums and playlists to listen to later.

you can do the transmission online, or download and listen to various songs from renowned artists offline. The application is free for Android, iOS and computer, being one of the few that encourages the user to download music.

15. Deezer


OR Deezer is a podcast and alternative music platform to Spotify and Apple Music, with a good application for iPhone (iOS) and Android. It’s an option with more than 73 million songs, playlists, and podcasts, as well as personalized recommendations.

As with Spotify, Deezer allows you to listen to songs offline to save data or if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. However, this option is only accessible through the paid Deezer Premium plan. However, it is a good application and service for this purpose.

For those who are looking for an alternative platform, we can recommend your app for listening to music offline on Android and iPhone (iOS) to subscribers. This plan cousin lets you download, listen and download music to enjoy anywhere.


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