The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, recognized this Sunday the impossibility of liberating the city of Mariupolvirtually under the control of Russian forces, through military means.

At a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who visited kyiv this Sunday as a gesture of support for the Ukrainian president — Zelensky explained that his country "lacks the heavy weaponry needed to liberate Mariupol" in a military operation. "And I say it openly"the president stressed.

Likewise, the Ukrainian president has explained that it is also practically impossible to guarantee the departure of the Ukrainian military barricaded in the Azovstal metallurgical plant and has accused Russia of blocking efforts to evacuate them.

"The Russian military, the Russian Army and the leadership of the Russian Federation do not want our soldiers to leave"has made known in statements collected by the Ukrainian portal Gazeta.

On the other hand, in the last few hours, 170 Ukrainians have arrived in the town of Zaporizhia as a result of the opening of the corridor for civilians in Mariupol and under the joint operation of the United Nations and the Red Cross, reports Sky News.

With this new arrival, more than 600 civilians have already been evacuated from the plant and its surroundings, practically the last defensive bastion in the city.


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