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Xiaomi reaches a new mark of active MIUI users

MIUI is the user interface found on Xiaomi smartphones. This is the face of the team from the Chinese manufacturer that is above Android. And there are more and more active users.

In a statement, Xiaomi reveals that active MIUI users have already exceeded 600 million. These are numbers that refer to May 21, 2023 and make MIUI one of the most used interfaces in the mobile market.

MIUI reaches 600 million active users

MIUI reaches 600 million active users

To get an idea of ​​the growth, MIUI was originally introduced in 2010, when Xiaomi had no smartphones on the market yet. And it was a long way until August 2015, when it hit 100 million active users.

MIUI reached 500 million active users in November 2021

The 200 million active users would arrive in June 2018, and that was when the big ‘boom’ took place. In October 2019 it reached 400 million active users About a year and a half ago, in November 2021, it reached 500 million active users.

One thing seems certain: MIUI will continue to grow. Xiaomi is a sustained manufacturer globally, with smartphones ranging from the entry-level range under €100 to the top of the range above €1400.

As for MIUI, the latest version is MIUI 14. As it has always been known to be inspired by Apple’s iOS, this inspiration continues. But growth is in sight, and we’ll see how long it takes to reach 700 million.

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