Home World What is America’s new policy for the Middle East?

What is America’s new policy for the Middle East?

What is America's new policy for the Middle East?

The US has announced its new policy regarding the Middle East and the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy Mara Carlin says that Washington will not start wars for regime change in the Middle East.

According to foreign media, US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans and Capability Mara Carlin says that the US is backing away from the unilateral policy of changing governments through military operations under the new national defense strategy. Instead, the US will now focus on developing alliances and partnerships with regional states.

Yesterday, during a keynote speech at the Middle East Institute in Washington, Deputy Defense Secretary Mara Carlin said that the new US National Defense Strategy will work in partnership and cooperation to deal with regional threats in the Middle East. The new policy will involve partnerships with regional countries, complex military exercises and joint weapons systems with allies.

He described the new national defense strategy for the Middle East as a ‘paradigm shift’, a fundamental change that includes the withdrawal of millions of US troops from the region.

However, Carlin clarified that this change does not mean that there has been any reduction in US ambitions for the Middle East. The national defense strategy is very clear, the Middle East region is a part of the US global strategy and considers it an important component, therefore the US will remain in the Middle East.

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense said that the reality is that our national security interests in the region are intertwined, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during a recent trip to the Middle East called US strategy ‘diplomacy’ and ‘confrontation’. was described as ‘protection from’.

Carlin said that the US commitment to security in the Middle East is strong and certain, Iran’s “reckless behavior” in the region will be dealt with through a multilateral approach of military integration and mutual cooperation of forces.

He pointed to an example of this new strategy of the US and said that the US Central Command is working to establish ‘Joint Maritime Forces’. It is a 34-member force that will deal with drug smuggling and piracy in the seas and ensure commercial shipping.

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense said that the national defense strategy has declared China as the biggest threat to the US in the future, while Russia has also been described as a serious threat, including Iran, North Korea and other threats including terrorist organizations. Also mentioned.

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