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Bolero, rumba, ballad… All the songs that the broadcasters made with AI using Sánchez’s letter

Bolero, rumba, ballad... All the songs that the broadcasters made with AI using Sánchez's letter

Anyone who is not that interested in current events and listens to a few verses of it great song what is Badly in loveone can certainly believe that it was a Blow Composed 50 years ago by Los Panchos. “I am a man deeply in love with my wife, who helplessly lives out the mud that they spread over her day in and day out”…

Of course, anyone who discovers this case through this song will be shocked when they see it on their phone the face of Pedro Sanchez. But no, Sánchez did not become a singer, it was the ingenuity of some users Suno, the artificial intelligence tool Who creates songs, who decided to spend it? Letter published by President Sánchez have taken advantage of this technology and used their lyrics to create songs that spread humor on social networks.

The best thing, I have to say, is this bolero mentioned, but this Thursday we found versions of all the styles… Ballad, pop, flamenco… There are sounds for every taste, but all with a very romantic aftertaste.

Another user preferred to ask the AI ​​for one balladtitled A love that is stronger than power.

The district president surprised us at the last minute this Wednesday Publishing a letter In it he explains that he needs to “reconsider” whether he should continue to fulfill his duties according to Clean Hands’ complaint against his wife Begoña Gómez, which led to the opening of an investigation by a Madrid court.

In the extensive letter, Sánchez collects a few very romantic lines The musical themes emerged from these made with artificial intelligence.

The Pop/Rock version It is more the President’s style, depending on the musical taste he has expressed on occasion, it will certainly be his favorite style.

Another version that we have seen more hardcore, also for lovers rockIs I’m not naive.

Of course, a little rumbita couldn’t be missing, like here Socialist Romanticism that another user published on X

This is the paragraph of the letter that was so popular:

At this point I rightly ask myself: Is it all worth it? Honestly, I do not know. This attack is unprecedented, it is so serious and so disgusting that I have to stop and think about it with my wife. We often forget that there are people behind politicians. And I, I’m not ashamed to say it, am a man deeply in love with my wife, who lives helplessly with the dirt that is dumped on her day after day.

When you read these lines and see the fruits they have produced, the question arises: How can it be that there is no one there? invented some love verses like that before?

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