Home Tech Xiaomi launches Mijia S500, a high-tech electric shaver sold for 45 dollars

Xiaomi launches Mijia S500, a high-tech electric shaver sold for 45 dollars

Mijia, the brand dedicated to Xiaomi’s household electrical products, is launching a “high-tech” electric shaver in the West. its name: Mijia S500. Already available from some online distributors, the Mijia S500 aims to be an alternative to the essential Philips Philishave line.

A category that still had some difficulties reaching the West was very present in Asia: the electric shaver. In Europe, there is the unmistakable Philishave, the range of the Dutch Philips. But Xiaomi is determined to go and tease that leader with a product called soberly Mijia S500 (or Mi Electric Shaver S500) You can already find it in some online stores, especially on Amazon for 45 dollars.

Xiaomi’s strategy adapted to electric shavers

Low price, but some interesting features also not found at Philips. It’s the same strategy as smartphones. Some concrete examples. First, you find a standard charging connector: a port USB type C. It is possible to shave while charging (which is not the case with Philips). And the load indicator shows an accurate percentage, not levels. It supports, of course, being passed under water. But the S500 is waterproof (IPX7 certification) Therefore, it can be completely submerged. Finally, another interesting addition, a mode allows you to lock the shaver so that it doesn’t turn on accidentally.

In addition, it is a very classic product with a flexible shaving head mounted on an axle that also offers some additional movements. There are three rotating blades, each behind a grid. The geometry of each blade is also combined, with small chamfered blades. The head opens to rinse the blades. And it is possible to remove the blades from the head, which is not always the case with competitors. A visual indicator reminds you to rinse the blades (but we believe it will light up after a while, whether you shave or not). The built-in battery provides battery life of 60 minutes, for a charging time from 0% to 100% of … 90 minutes ! A little better to do.

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