Vendée Globe: Five neck-and-neck competitors

Mid Road of the Vendée Globe solo race, they are just 27 captains still competing. AT the entrance to the Pacific Ocean, five competitors are neck and neck: Jeans O Cam, Boris Herrman, Damien Seguin, Louis Burton and finally Benjamin Dutreux. An unprecedented situation in which the competitors are just a few kilometers from each other, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the waves! This club of five has the merit of making Boris Herrmann laugh : “five boats together, this is crazy!

Leading the way, Friday, December 18, Yannick Bestavenled 48 hours, 100 miles ahead of Charlie Dalin. At the end of the race, Sébastien Destremauit is more than 8,500 kilometers away and has just entered the Indian Ocean.

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