Home Tech Xbox Series X: Console welcomes new ultra-customizable night mode

Xbox Series X: Console welcomes new ultra-customizable night mode

Xbox Series X: Console welcomes new ultra-customizable night mode

Xbox consoles evolve with updates and now, a new night mode has appeared among beta testers. Its special feature is that it is highly customizable. The console still leaves the possibility to adjust the brightness of the pad and the logo.

Microsoft is currently working on a new night mode for its Xbox consoles. The manufacturer wants to pamper users and offers new options that will allow the display to be adjusted very precisely. The new night mode is not yet available to everyone, as it is currently being tested by members of the Insider program. It is Tom Warren, editor of the famous website The Verge, who shows us what it will be like.

You can activate this night mode automatically at night (you can choose a time) or manually, but also set two or three little things, such as brightness or blue light intensity. It’s up to you to see how best to configure the screen.

Xbox light button can be turned off

Interestingly, night mode also allows you to adjust the controller light. When playing in a dark room, it can actually happen that the white logo obstructs your view. It is possible to reduce its intensity, or even turn it off completely. Very practical. The same goes for the button on the console. It’s true that seeing it glow in the dark can also be awkward in the middle of Resident Evil Village. A night mode that promises a lot and should allow us to play without straining our eyes too much. The mode is currently only in beta, but it should land to everyone in the coming weeks via an update.

It should also be noted that this new night mode will not only affect Xbox Series X and Series S, as all Xbox models (which share the same OS) will be affected. For example, the video posted by Tom Warren shows an Xbox One X UI. As a reminder, Microsoft is trying to standardize its ecosystem by blurring the lines between console generations.

Source: The Verge

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