Wow! Mom sings Taylor Swift songs during brain surgery

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A mother in the US made headlines for singing Taylor Swift songs during brain surgery. Poor?

In recent years we have known it Cases of brain surgery performed while the person is engaged in an activity like playing an instrument or talking. In fact, the latest came from a Taylor Swift fan mom.

Is about the story of Selena Campione, a 36-year-old woman who underwent surgery a few months ago at the Hackensack Meridian Neuroscience Institute at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where They removed a brain tumor.

Wow!  Mom sings Taylor Swift songs during brain surgery
Selena Campione is a big fan of Taylor Swift. Photo: Hackensack Meridian Health via Yahoo.

A woman underwent brain surgery in New Jersey

As we’ve already told you in stories like the one about the man who played several Deftones songs during a similar operation, during this type of surgery doctors must be careful not to damage regions of the brain responsible for motor functions.

So, when patients do things like touching, talking, or singing during surgery, health experts already know which areas of the brain you shouldn’t mess with. And in Selena’s case, she decided that the guides would be Taylor Swift songs.

Wow!  Mom sings Taylor Swift songs during brain surgery
Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour. Photo: Getty Images

And he decided to sing Taylor Swift songs during the operation

Statements quoted by the NME portal say: Selena Campione claimed to be a real Swiftie with her two daughterswith which she constantly listens to the singer’s music. “I could sing on stage with her if she wanted. Therefore, it made sense to sing during the operation.pointed to the woman.

During brain surgery Selena sang songs like “22,” “Shake It Off,” and “Style.” And contrary to what many of us might think (because we can’t imagine talking while someone is messing with our brain), the woman wasn’t in pain.

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The woman is a Swiftie “mom” and shares the fan base with her two daughters

“I didn’t feel anything. The nurses held my hand, walked me through everything, and sang with me. “I even think I turned doctors into Swifties.” Selena said as she recounted how the doctors in charge of the surgery began playing the tune of Taylor’s songs.

Campione also explained that her daughters accompanied her in this complex moment: “Knowing they would sing with me helped me get through the surgery. Now my youngest daughter is telling her teacher, ‘Taylor Swift was in the operating room singing with me.’”.

Wow!  Mom sings Taylor Swift songs during brain surgery
Photo: Special

Why were they making her sing during brain surgery?

On his part the doctor in charge of surgery, Nitesh Patel, He mentioned that singing during brain surgery is one of the best ways to check the function of this organ during procedures of this type, and the reason for this is quite simple.

Although it works for patients to speak during brain surgery and so the function of language areas can be monitored, There are pauses or interruptions that can make everything more complex. Something that doesn’t happen if the person sings continuously.

And well, although Over the past few years, we’ve heard thousands of stories about how Taylor Swift’s music has affected her fans Through her different eras (and with all the re-recorded albums she’s released), Selena Campiones is undoubtedly on another level. How are you doing?

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