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World shock with the state of Rafa Nadal before Roland Garros

The Spaniard could drop to 116th place in the ATP ranking

The news of the recovery Rafael Nadal It seems that it is not evolving as expected a few days before the big event at Roland Garros. Everything indicates that the Spaniard will be able to be in his favorite tournament, but there is some concern after some images that have come to light.

There Rafa Nadal has been seen in his training, but with clear signs of pain, something that his followers have not liked, who obviously feel concerned about his participation in Roland Garros. It should be remembered that the Spaniard had an injury to his left leg that has left him with serious consequences.

Rafael Nadal Roland Garros
Rafa continues to show discomfort in the midst of recovering from his injury

A few days from Roland Garros, Rafa Nadal continues to worry with his injury

And as we had already said before, you can see a very sore Nadal and with great gestures of concern when he left the track where he was doing his daily training. The Spaniard, at that time, was accompanied by his coach Carlos Moyá, Marc López and part of his team.

The set-up to return to the circuit is not complete after the injury at the Australian Open. There are 116 days that he has been, the former number one in the world, off the slopes and, apparently, until the last moment it will not be known if he will compete or not in the ‘Musketeers Tournament’.

The consequences that the Spaniard would have if he does not recover soon from his injury

Rafa’s priority objective was to return in time for the clay court tour, but the problem that occurred in the first Grand Slam of the year lengthened the recovery process. Till the date, Rafa Nadal has not been able to compete in Doha, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome.

The fact that Rafa has played only two games so far this season has caused his decline in the ATP world ranking. The Spaniard is in position number 16. A very significant fact, since the Spaniard added 17 years and 10 months without leaving the TOP 10.

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