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Betis entrusts itself to Jorge Mendes to make a champion team

The explosion of the attacker and ex-Bético squad in LaLiga Smartbank could greatly help Manuel Pellegrini’s plans, with a view to creating the squad that will play in the 2023-24 season.

One of the great protagonists of LaLiga Smartbank is undoubtedly Raúl García de Haro, and his representative Jorge Mendes knows the great potential of the former Betis youth squad. He portuguese businessman is already starting to collect offers from various leagues, and most likely the player Betic do not return to Heliopolis. Manuel Pellegrini was waiting for him with open arms, but plans have changed.

Initially Raúl García would return to the Betic discipline to shore up the attack in case Borja Iglesias or Willian José came out. The most probable thing is that it was the Brazilian who ended up leaving Benito Villamarín. But the news is that it will no longer be the 22-year-old boy who replaces him. Jorge Mendes’ plans go beyond the Sevillian club.

Betis Jorge Mendes
The LaLiga Smartbank goalscorer belongs to Betis, and his name is Raúl García de Haro.

Betis is not opposed to the sale of Raúl García de Haro proposed by Jorge Mendes

One thing is certain and that is that the Betic striker will have girlfriends everywhere. There are still no formal offers in the Verdiblanco team’s offices, but it will be a matter of time before they begin to arrive. The Chilean coach knows this very well, who in recent days has changed the perception of him. And it is that the coach was waiting for him to reinforce the offense, after such a performance at CD Mirandés.

Things have changed, and the southern coach knows that if Jorge Mendes manages to sell Raúl García very well, with the money they will be able to sign another excellent striker. There will even be some money left to reinforce other positions, and also to fix the renewal of Guido Rodríguez. Everything is in the hands of the Lusitanian businessman.

The excellent numbers of Raúl García de Haro that have Jorge Mendes and Betis doing the math

Since he arrived at the Jabato club this season from Betis B, the Catalan striker has done nothing but perform at his best and score goals. As of today, he has played 3,127 minutes spread over 37 games, with a favorable balance of 19 goals and 7 assists. His team is in the 12th box with 52 points, 11 from the playoff zone, but there are only 2 games left to finish the season.

Raúl García de Haro’s loan ends on June 30, and it is most likely that the attacker will say goodbye to Mirandés forever. He will then return to Betis to join the preseason, and from there, his future is linked to the work of Jorge Mendes. The offers could come from the Premier League, Liga bwin de Portugal, Eredivisie, and Ligue 1.

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