Win tickets to Blink-182 at the Palacio de los Deportes

What you need to know:

We bring you the ticket so you can go to the first Blink-182 concert in CDMX in 2024.

Poooooooor fiiiiin! After a year of waiting, finally We will be happy to see the return of Blink-182which will play at the Palacio de los Deportes. And then we ask them: Do you have your tickets yet?

Well… If not, then wait a minute, we have a very special gift for you. And yes, all you have to do is sJoin the dynamic that we offer you on this opportunity.

Blink 182
Photo: YouTube screenshot.

As you may recall, Blink-182 originally planned to come to Mexico in 2023. Returning was exciting because after many years Tom DeLonge rejoined Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus in the band’s classic lineup.

But it wasn’t just a celebration for the band’s nostalgic fans… On the other hand, it was also emotional afterwards the battle against cancer that Mark Hoppus himself has waged in recent years and who fortunately won.

Blink-182 announces the new dates for their concerts in CDMX (and another show).
These are the new dates for Blink-182’s concerts at CDMX/Photo: OCESA

And now, the celebration in the face of all this led not only to the reunion of Blink-182, but also to the band performing again at the 2023 edition of Coachella, He also released a new album titled One more time… Now they come to Mexico with the arsenal of classic songs and new music.

After all, Would you like to see Blink-182 at the Sports Palace? Surely there will be several fans who do that. And if you don’t have a ticket, you can find the ticket for participation here Get tickets for the concert on April 2nd. The dynamic goes:

1. Follow Sopitas networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and Sopitas FM (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Very, very essential step.

2. Subscribe to our newsletter. You can do it here.

3. Share this note with the hashtag on your X/Twitter account #Blink182XSopitas and tell us which song from the band’s past influenced you and why. Remember to make your X/Twitter account public so we can verify this step.

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4. Answer this pair of questions:

5. Go to this link and fill out the form with the requested information: full name (with both last names, eh), phone number, email, link to your tweet from step 3 and the answers to the questions from step 4.

And done! They are already taking part in the momentum to win Blink-182 tickets at the Palacio de los Deportes. Good luck.

We will have more dynamism

If you took part in Dynamics 1 and didn’t take tickets, don’t worry, the chances of winning are higher. You just have to pay attention to social networks and the newsletter to find out how you can win.

And stay tuned for our radio show to air on Monday, April 1st Sopitas FM on Radio Chilango on 105.3 FM which we broadcast from 9am to 11am. There we will start another dynamic so that they can accept tickets.

blink 182 soups
Illustrative image. Photo: Especial


– This dynamic is for adults.

– You must follow the Sopitas and Sopitas FM networks and subscribe to the newsletter as indicated in the dynamics.

– By participating in this dynamic, you agree to subscribe to our newsletter.

The prices for this dynamic only include tickets for the Blink-182 concert. The price does not include transportation to pick up the tickets or transportation to the venue.

– Dynamic 1 begins on Thursday, March 28th and ends on Monday, April 1st.

– We will notify Dynamics winners via email with instructions for picking up their tickets and include their names at the end of this notice.

– We reserve the right not to consider certain participants due to suspicious and/or malicious practices.

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