Where does Sony’s Spider-Verse go after the demise of Madame Web?

Poison (2018) Despite its great promises, it has managed to revel in a hygienic and very family-friendly spectacle, far from the darkness that the symbiote promised. If the criticism of the production was harsh, then $856.1 million collected convinced the company to embark on a Spider-Verse incredibly stupid and meaningless. Venom: There Be Carnage (2021) safely collected $506.9 million but it will have managed to go down as the worst superhero film of the last two decades. I’m not satisfied with publishing a poorly edited 90 minute piece of crap by sending out a very interesting post BloodbathRemember, this was supposed to be about a violent, bloodthirsty killer, not a redhead who dances around cars – and action scenes as illegible as ever, Sony wallowed further.

Morbiusfor a budget 100 millionjust reported 167.5 million around the world. Morbius will have managed the feat of performing worse than the previous two Poison and will have primarily staged a very incoherent post-credits scene through the broadcast Michael Keaton (Vulture) in the Spider-Verse Sony. A decision that even the person most affected will never understand.

If Kraven is the next on the list, the story apparently revealed does not bode well, although there will be a little more hemoglobin to follow the adventures of the character from the year JC Chandor. But before that there was Madam Web Here is an excerpt from our review:

Madame Web – Sony
Madame Web – Sony

The film comes dangerously close to a cultural attack on the minds of the entire world. “ Madam Web » stands like a monolith of missed opportunities and testifies to a scenario that seems to have been put together without passion or vision.

A turd that appears to be well sculpted GPT chat, without soul, without will and without personality. Result: If the film barely crosses the border 100 million in sales World, we shouldn’t see the characters on screen anymore, especially after this Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney I had a lot of fun making the feature film.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Sony Pictures;  Marvel Studios
Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Sony Pictures; Marvel Studios

THE Spider-Verse focuses on only one goal: to create something Sinisters Six. But at what cost? Through the transmission of the charismatic Michael Keaton in the universe to make it the spearhead of the team, Sony sacrificed the truthfulness of the universe. Morbius didn’t tag anyone and Kraven should be the next to join the villains. For what reason ? This is all just a symptom of a project that doesn’t know where to go: vulture said Morbius that he wants to walk and type Spider-Man. Without concrete motives. The post-credits scene from Kraven I would definitely bring the hunter with meAaron Taylor Johnson Meet his two new buddies. It’s hard to see the general interest in the Expanded Universe, especially when no one has a passion for its characters.

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Now one last detail remains: Venom: The Last Dance. Story of the conclusion of a dirty trilogy and the destruction of the character (to better revive him in the MCU?). As far as things to forget, we have El Muertoyet another uninteresting project Sony wanted to capitalize on it Bad bunny. The film was recently canceled much to the dismay of its lead actor. Result: There is a complete lack of guidelines for the continuity of the Spider-Verse. The end of the franchise Poison appears as a separate circuit. Kraven would like to hang up the car quickly Sinisters Sixa futile goal since no one will be interested in it.

A height so much Sony had the opportunity to create darker stories with characters that might interest audiences. A psychedelic film about a Mysterio totally crazy Rated Rdoesn’t that seduce anyone?

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