At the age when children play with toys, Rekha began to follow the light, the camera, and the action. Rekha is the daughter of well-known Tamil star Gemini Ganesan and Telugu actress Pushpavalli. However, Rekha was always deprived of her father’s love. At the same time, when Rekha saw her father at school for the first time, the actress spoke about her feelings in one of her interviews.

In fact, Rekha told in one of her interviews that she always regretted not having lived like other children, she never got the love of her father. Rekha talked about her childhood and said that her first meeting with her father was when he had come to school to leave his half-siblings. So Rekha, seeing her father from a distance, used to just think ‘Oh Yeh Appa Hai’.

According to media reports, Rekha had also said in the interview that “her father did not even look at Rekha.” Perhaps he would not have realized that Rekha was there too. However, all of these things did not matter much to Rekha because she had never seen her father’s love. He believed that until something is tried, you don’t know if it’s good or bad. Not only this, Rekha said that ‘she did not even know the meaning of the word’ father ‘, for the actress the word father meant father who is in the church’.



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