What type of ticket should you buy to attend CCXP Mexico 2024?

What you need to know:

Very little is fatal for the CCXP Mexico 2024. And if you still don’t know what types of tickets are available for the event, we’ll clarify your doubts here.

We’re definitely excited because after asking for this for so long, In 2024, the Comic Con Experience (or CCXP to the friends) will finally arrive in Mexicothe largest pop culture convention in Latin America, the one we’re most excited about this year without fear of being wrong.

And it is no wonder that this Congress has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil, generating great expectations on this continent They have managed to bring together in one place great talent and important figures from both geek cinema and television as well as the world of comics.

What is the difference between a Comic Con and a CCXP?
The CCXP came to bring together the best of Latin American pop culture/Convention photo via Facebook

And what about ticket allocation for CCXP Mexico 2024?

Therefore We are excited to see what will happen at the first edition of CCXP Mexico from May 3rd to 5th at the Citibanamex Center in CDMXas several special guests have already been confirmed, the participation of major studios with important announcements, a cosplay competition and activities as part of the convention (here we tell you everything you need to know about this great event).

However, It is likely that at this point they are not yet clear about what the wave of tickets for CCXP will look like and what each ticket will entail., because there are several options and they have certain advantages for the convention. But don’t worry, here we will take care of clearing all your doubts and in the end you will decide which entry is best for you.

This is what you should know for CCXP Mexico 2024: There are three types of tickets: 1-Day Pass, 3-Day Pass and Epic Pass. Although they have different names and carry different permissions, No matter which one you purchase, ALL contain the following:

  • Be part of the experiences of the most important brands and studios
  • Access the Thunder Stage and learn about exclusive releases
  • Entry to Artist’s Valley and interaction with national and international comic artists
  • See celebrities up close on the Omelete stage
  • Entry into the official Cosplay Universe dressing room for those participating in the costume contest
  • Access to all performances and presentations on the Creator’s Stage
  • Watch eSports games and tournaments in Game Arena
  • Discover all the shops available during the festival
What is the difference between a normal Comic Con and a CCXP?
Illustrative image of the CCXP/Photo of the Congress via Facebook

And what are the differences between the entry types?

Now that we are clear about the general benefits of tickets to CCXP Mexico 2024, we need to talk about the differences, starting with the top ticket: the Epic Pass. This pass gives you the opportunity to enter one hour before the entire audience three days after the event, but there are some very important benefits.

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It turns out that On May 2nd, the so-called Spoiler Night will be organized, where you can exclusively and in advance view all the rooms of the convention, so they more or less know where the most raffled spots are and can buy products before anyone else. Aside from that, The Epic Pass includes an exclusive t-shirt and two unique pins and posters. Cool, don’t you think?

CCXP Mexico 2024
Photo: Special Blaze Trends

On the other hand, The 3-day pass for CCXP Mexico 2024 is the subscription to three days of activities at the Citibanamex Center at a preferential price and the 1-day pass only gives you access to a single specific day of the congress. Although it is appropriate to mention this here None of this access includes spoiler night or exclusive articles. So it’s worth thinking about whether you want to have these jewels in your collection.

The prices for each ticket for the CCXP Mexico

Now that you know what benefits you get with the individual ticket types for CCXP Mexico 2024, now comes the good part: how much “the little joke” will cost you. Below you can see the list of updated prices for the conference so far and here we leave you the link so that you can buy them.

  • Epic Pass – 6,405 Mexican pesos
  • 3-Day Pass – 3,416 Mexican Pesos
  • 1-Day Pass – 1,342 Mexican Pesos

Finally, If you want the full CCXP Mexico 2024 experience, we recommend you go directly and without stopping via the Epic Pass. If you’d rather save on spoiler night and save the money to buy things at the event, then the 3-day pass is the ideal option. And if you’re just stopping by out of curiosity or want to see what the vibe is like at the convention, then the 1-Day Pass is for you.

How are you doing? ¿Are you ready for the first edition of CCXP in our country? Without exaggeration, we are sure that it will be three days full of great announcements and exciting news, fun activities for the geek community and certainly a lot of passion for pop culture at the Citibanamex Center. See you there!

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