Home World A Mexican senator sacrificed a chicken to the rain god

A Mexican senator sacrificed a chicken to the rain god

A Mexican senator sacrificed a chicken to the rain god

A Mexican senator from the ruling MORENA party, Adolfo Gómez, recently caused a stir when he performed a ceremony in which a chicken was sacrificed and its blood offered to Tláloc, the pre-Hispanic god of rain. The event, which took place on the terrace of the Senate, was broadcast on all Mexican Senate channels and sparked outrage among the population, particularly among animal rights activists.

Outrage and Criticism

The images from the ceremony showed a group of people dressed in ancestral clothing, with one of them cutting the chicken’s neck and collecting its blood in a container. This act of animal sacrifice quickly drew condemnation from various quarters. Animal rights activists criticized Senator Gómez for promoting such a practice, while many citizens expressed their disapproval of the event.

The ruling party-controlled chamber distanced itself from the controversy, stating that the events were the individual responsibility of Senator Gómez. In a statement, they emphasized that the legislature did not support the ceremony and would take appropriate disciplinary action against the senator.

Defending Indigenous Traditions

In response to the backlash, Senator Gómez defended his actions by invoking indigenous traditions and arguing that they should be respected. He pointed out that the Mexican constitution mandates the respect of indigenous practices. He stated, “Our gods do not condemn us to hell or glory. Our shamans practice certain rituals, and throughout our territory, people worship our gods.”

Tláloc, the Aztec god of rain and lightning, is known for his association with water control and the growth of crops. Senator Gómez’s ceremony aimed to honor this deity through the sacrifice of the chicken. However, animal rights groups highlighted that the mistreatment and sacrifice of animals are prohibited in Mexico City.

Protests and Legal Action

The controversial ceremony led to protests in front of the Senate, with many demanding sanctions against Senator Gómez. Animal rights organization AnimaNaturalis México announced that it would report the lawmaker to the capital’s public prosecutor’s office for animal abuse. According to Mexico City’s animal welfare law, the use of animals for rituals or traditions that harm their well-being is strictly prohibited.

The debate surrounding the chicken sacrifice in the Mexican Senate brings to the forefront the clash between indigenous traditions and modern ethical considerations. While some argue for the preservation of cultural practices, others emphasize the importance of treating animals with compassion and respect.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Mexican Senate and the public will navigate the delicate balance between cultural heritage and animal welfare.

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