What If…? Season 2 will introduce a new Marvel heroine created especially for the series

Last year at Comic-Con, marvel studios gave a brief overview of the second season of What If…? with a first season centered on Captain Carter and a trailer that hinted at a war between the Asgardians and characters from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. While most new episodes are inspired by Marvel films, at least one episode of the second season changes its codes, with a new Marvel heroine who was created especially for the series.

Via marvel.com, one of the episode synopses asks the question, “What if the Tesseract had fallen to Earth and landed in the sovereign Confederacy of the Haudenosaunee (The Iroquois) before the colonization of America?” This means that the episode will take place hundreds of years in the past. It also features a new heroine, Kahhori, when the Tesseract transforms “a lake into a gateway to the stars”.

Kahhori What If-Season 2 © Marvel Studios

Kahhori What If-Season 2 © Marvel Studios

Ryan Little, the scriptwriter of the episode, worked with Doug George, historian of the “Mohawk Nation”, and Cecelia King, Mohawk language expert, to ensure Kahhori’s story was grounded in reality.

“I had a wonderful writing mentor who worked extensively with the indigenous community in upstate New York, and I was thrilled to draw from that experience to build an entirely original corner of the MCU with scenarios for new indigenous heroes written with respect for past generations and optimism for future generations,

Kahhori, pronounced “KAH-HORTI”, is a real name of the Wolf clan, which means “she moves the forest”, someone who motivates those around her. In her first adventure, Kahhori will have to live up to her name to recruit powerful allies in the fight to save her people and change the course of history forever. »

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