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Webó: “Vinicius is brave, he has taken a step forward”

Webó: "Vinicius is brave, he has taken a step forward"

Pierre webo (1982, Bafoussam, Cameroon) was a classic of the Spanish League. He Forward cameroon jugor 286 games in Spain, where he experienced episodes as unpleasant as the one experienced by Vinicius in Valencia. later, as technical was victim of one very famous in the Champions, in Paris. There Mbappé and Neymar came out in his support. talk to AS from Türkiye, where he is an assistant at Basaksehir.

You will have seen what happened in Valencia with Vinicius. What did you think of her?

It’s going around the world. He is a very bad image of football and the Spanish people. It’s going to take a long time for last week’s stain to be forgotten. It is time to look for solutions.

Which is it? The protocol first sends a warning over the public address system…

A drastic decision must be made against racist insults. The Committees, the Spanish Federation and LaLiga. Warn over the public address system… Puff, people have to become aware and make decisions that really cause change. It is something very sad. We must become more aware and act. This is the same for the last 20 years and what has changed?

What do you propose?

To us (PSG-Basaksehir had to be suspended after players from both teams refused to continue playing, the fourth official had addressed Webó in a derogatory manner, calling him “black”, according to witnesses and the player himself) We had to suffer it that day in Paris and what we did was stop the game. That is where the measure to be taken has to go. We all know how tight schedules are. But you have to take measures against your pocket, stop the show, it’s the only way to end this. It cannot be that you go to do your job and are constantly insulted.

He says nothing has changed in the last 20 years.

Now this has had more impact because it is Vinicius and Real Madrid. In his day also with Roberto Carlos. But I, playing with Osasuna, experienced it many times. AND? So there was no solution, it looked normal, but there were many episodes. Mine, Kameni’s, Etoo’s… But there was nothing to do. In the end, at that time nothing could be done. We called each other to encourage each other. I had to experience many things, but nothing could be done. They talk about five kaffirs, but they can’t be allowed to do what they want.

For you, what was the hardest?

Having to explain to my son, who had seen a game of mine, the sounds that the public threw at me. He didn’t understand. You have to explain it very well, because it is a very very delicate subject. He didn’t understand that something like this could happen. I call people from here. See, look at the fields, they are full of children who see this. They see that it has become a habit. People are going to insult, as an outlet and it should not be allowed. You have to cut it now. “The world of football needs to react”, Sampaoli said and I agree.

Does Vinicius provoke?

Poor guy. Watch the video. Get off the bus listening to music with your headphones on. Who does that provoke? And they insult him. The question they are now asking: ‘Is Spain racist?’ There are racist people in Spain. You have to nip it at the root. We are in the 21st century and for a person to be insulted because of their skin color or their sexual orientation is shameful. Vinicius is brave. This has to stop and he has had the courage to take the first step, pointing his finger at the person who insulted him. He has stepped up, he is brave and a good player.

You were supported in Paris by Mbappé and Neymar to stop the game. These figures bring more impact.

That’s right, they supported us that day. That those stars support him is important, they have an impact. And stop the show. But beware, there is no repercussion in other parts. Go to a Third Federation match and listen.

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