Home Sports Betis or Granada: only one can survive

Betis or Granada: only one can survive

Betis or Granada: only one can survive

The Endesa League closes its regular phase this Wednesday with only three clear things: Barça will finish as leader and Carplus Fuenlabrada, bottom, and Lenovo Tenerife will have the home court factor in their favor in the best-of-three quarterfinals against Unicaja. The rest, an unknown. The most important thing, the eighth and last place for the playoff, between Valencia and UCAM Murcia, and the unknown of knowing who will be the second descended to the LEB Oro: Betis and Covirán Granada Their survival in the elite is at stake against Madrid and Joventut, respectively, starting at 8:30 p.m., like the other four duels that are being played today.

2nd place

Cazoo Baskonia (2nd, record: 27-6). The team from Vitoria visits Básquet Girona. He will finish in second position if he wins. If Madrid falls, so should Madrid, which has a personal average lost with the Basques: -13 after losing in the two games of the regular season.

Real Madrid (3rd, 27-6). The reigning Euroleague champions receive Betis at the WiZink Center. They must defeat the Andalusians and wait for Baskonia to stumble to climb to second place.

6th place

Gran Canaria (6th, 19-14). The islanders travel to the Nou Congost to face Baxi Manresa. A win gives them sixth place. If they fall, Joventut must also do so. The Claretians have the particular average with La Penya in their favor: +28 after beating them in the two games of the season.

Youth (7th, 19-14). La Penya faces Covirán in Granada. To move up to sixth place they must win and Gran Canaria fall in Manresa.

8th place

Valencia Basket (8th, 17-16). The taronjas face in La Fonteta with the Breogán River. They will secure the eighth and final playoff spot if they defeat the Lugo team. In the event of a fall, UCAM Murcia, who will travel to the Palau Blaugrana, will also have to do so. The tie would benefit the university students, who have defeated the Valencians in the two games of this regular phase.

UCAM Murcia (9th, 17-16). The university students start the last day outside of a playoff that they have not played since 2016. To qualify they must attack Barça at the Palau and that Valencia does not take out their confrontation against Breogán at La Fontenta. The Murcians have the particular average in their favor: they have won both duels against Valencia.


Betis (16th, 10-23). Despite falling in San Pablo against Covirán Granada, the Andalusians depend on themselves: they have the particular average in their favor with the Nasrids (+4). Therefore, the béticos only have to win the WiZink Center against Madrid to stay in the Endesa League. If they lose in the capital, it would only save them if Joventut defeated Covirán in Granada.

Covirán Granada (17th, 10-23). The Nasrids saved a bullet with their victory in Seville against Betis. Although this was insufficient to depend on themselves by not overcoming the particular average (+4 in favor of the green and whites). His permanence depends on defeating Joventut at home and that the Betis lose against Madrid at the Palace.

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