The United States will put money back on the table to help Ukraine. US President Joe Biden announced Thursday, April 28, that he was going to ask Congress for a colossal budget extension of $33 billion mainly to deliver more military aid to kyiv. In detail, 20 billion must thus go to the supply of armaments, that is to say almost seven times more than the nevertheless impressive quantities of arms and ammunition already supplied to Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

>> War in Ukraine: what to remember from Thursday, April 28

These 33 billion additional aid must now be released by the US Congress. But the discussions between elected officials, whose support for kyiv is nevertheless unanimous, are stumbling for the moment on the content of the law because the Democrats want to insert an amendment therein to increase the budget for the fight against Covid-19 at the same time. United States, which the Republicans categorically refuse.

After being confined to weapons seen as defensive, Washington is now sending artillery, helicopters and drones to the Ukrainian army, whose soldiers are trained in the use of these weapons in the United States or in third countries before returning to the front. . kyiv has already received ten anti-tank weapons for each Russian tank, boasted the American president during his speech at the White House.


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