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Vladimir Putin’s deputy minister dies on plane

A new death in mysterious circumstances has taken place in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced on Monday the death of Piotr Kucherenko, deputy minister of Vladimir Putin since 2020. The 47-year-old man is said to have died two days earlier while returning from ‘a work trip to Cuba, reports TF1 News this Wednesday. On Telegram, the authorities clarified that he had “fallen ill on the plane”.

A failed resuscitation attempt

Other sources added that “doctors tried to help (after an emergency landing), but they were unable to save (him).” The Kremlin assured not to have information concerning the causes of the death of the minister. Russian media, however, mentioned a heart condition. The death of Piotr Kucherenko is added to the list of many suspicious deaths recorded in the country, in particular among businessmen.

They are thus a dozen to have lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Most of these disappearances are attributed to suicides or deaths in unexplained circumstances. A journalist who left Russia in 2022, claims to have exchanged with Piotr Kucherenko before his departure. In particular, he would have asked him if he intended to leave the country.

“It is no longer possible to do so. They take our passports from us,” the politician reportedly replied. “I drink antidepressants and tranquilizers, handfuls. It doesn’t help much. I barely sleep. I feel bad. We are all taken hostage, would then have denounced Piotr Kucherenko. No one can say anything”.

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