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How does the Honda – Aston Martin deal affect Red Bull?

The new Formula 1 alliance awakens the team currently leading the season to overcome the stronghold created by Fernando Alonso’s group

In the midst of constant evolution in the automotive industry, manufacturers are constantly seeking strategic alliances. One of the latest agreements to attract attention in the industry is the one established between Honda and Aston Martin. Honda, supplier of power units for Red Bull and AlphaTauri since 2019, recently announced its new partnership with Aston Martin for 2026.

This decision, although positive for Honda and Aston MartinIt has generated concerns about its impact on current Honda partner Red Bull, which in turn spearheads the Formula 1 season. Helmut Marko, a Red Bull adviser, said they have received “written assurances” from Honda that their deal with Aston Martin will not affect the current relationship with Red Bull.

Red Bull takes a close look at Honda’s deal with Aston Martin

The reverse of Honda and the adaptation of the Verstappen team

The initial decision of Honda to withdraw from Formula 1 after the 2021 season, by focusing its brand on electric vehicles, it put Red Bull in an awkward position. However, the growing popularity of Formula 1, new power unit regulations and a change in CEO caused Honda to reverse its decision.

This reversal was confirmed in February, when it was announced that Honda would be one of six engine suppliers for the 2026 season. Red Bull, having had a bad experience with Renault, was reluctant to return to being a customer team. Instead he decided to take the reins, creating Red Bull Powertrains, with Honda continuing to provide support.

Red Bull partners with Ford while keeping eyes on new alliance

In 2026, Red Bull Powertrains will be rebranded as Red Bull Ford Powertrains. Christian Horner’s team confirmed an alliance with the American giant during the launch of the RB19 in February. Nonetheless, Red Bull and Honda will continue to work together, keeping an eye on the future. Helmut Marko says the team has received assurances that the new deal with Aston Martin will not distract Honda from its current work.

“We have received written guarantees that the priority will not change until 2025 and that they – like us – will continue to work with full commitment to win more world championships,” Marko declared. Despite their successful partnership over the years, which resulted in their a Honda engine took Max Verstappen to both of his world titlesMarko stated that even after Honda decided to return to the sport, there was “no common path” for them to continue working together.

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