VIDEO: Veterans burn uniforms in honor of soldier who blew himself up: "Free Palestine!" The military veterans called for a Palestine free from Israeli attacks and restrictions. 4:58 p.m.

A group of gathered during an emotional vigil for the late, burned former soldier Aaron Bushnell in Portland, Oregon Veterans decided to pay tribute to him in a powerful way: burn their own military uniforms.

The action is part of one Call for a Palestine free from Israel’s attacks and bondagewas captured on video and shared by journalist Alissa Azar on the X platform.

In the video shared by Alissa Azar, a group of men can be seen throwing their military jackets into a burning aluminum boat while adding oil to the campfire. During the event they held a banner with the slogan:

Liberate Palestine!” and they sang in unison: “Remember Aaron Bushnell! “He’s not alone!”

Even, Citizens passing by the location joined in the noise and they decided to stay and watch.

Azar highlighted the participation of a Vietnam War veteran who was also a member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) group and was actively involved in actions to end all wars.

Local media assured that this was a symbolic gesture reflects growing opposition from various groups to the United States for refusing to call for a ceasefire in the Palestine conflict and for the continued supply of arms to Israel.

The burning of military uniforms during the vigil honoring Aaron Bushnell is an act of solidarity and protest against violence and oppression in Palestine.

This gesture was carried out by veterans is committed to peace and justiceis reflected in a context of outrage at the inaction of the US authorities regarding the conflict in the region.

“Immortal” Aaron Bushnell

The death of Aaron Bushnell, a member of the US Air Force, It shocked many because it was an act of self-immolation: A fire was set outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC in protest of the genocide in Palestine.

I will no longer participate in the genocide in Gaza. “I am about to take part in an extreme protest,” he reportedly said before setting himself on fire and repeatedly shouting “Liberate Palestine!”

Bushnell, 25, died from the injuries sustainedas an Air Force spokesman confirmed based on information from the soldier’s family.

Bushnell’s final moments were broadcast in a disturbing live video on Twitch, in which he was seen in front of the embassy in his Air Force uniform, explaining in extreme terms his military identity and his intention to protest.


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