Two more Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the most tense moment between Israel and Lebanon in two decades

The Israeli army reported this Thursday that this was the case killed in air raidslast night, too two suspected Hezbollah fighters in the Kfarkela area of ​​southern Lebanon, a military statement said.

In the note, Israeli troops assure that their fighter jets They also attacked a “series of terrorist infrastructure” in the last few hours the Lebanese terrorist group in the Khiam area, also near the country’s southern border.

“Our soldiers also fired in this area to eliminate an immediate threat,” they added in the statement.

Yesterday afternoon, Israel also launched various airstrikes, in this case in the area of ​​Baalbek in northern Lebanon, where, according to the statement, There are “terrorist targets” of the Shiite militia.

The Israeli attacks come after this Wednesday Hezbollah claims responsibility for the bombing of a community center in an Israeli village on the border with LebanonAt least 18 people were injured, including 14 soldiers.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, one of the uniformed men is in critical condition. Gastric emergency coordinator David Adom told EFE yesterday that new attacks occurred when members of emergency teams were in the area to treat the injured.

The Lebanese group that claimed responsibility for the attack asserted that its actions were directed against a military reconnaissance center in response to two Israeli bombings that killed three members of the group in different areas of southern Lebanon on Tuesday.

The border between Israel and Lebanon is experiencing its highest peak of tension since 2006 with a fierce exchange of fire spanning more than five months killed at least 382 peoplethe majority on the Lebanese side and in the ranks of Hezbollah, which has confirmed 257 militia victims, some of them in Syria.

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In Israel, 18 people died in the north (10 soldiers and 8 civilians); While on the other side of the border, at least 364 people died, including 46 members of other militias, a Lebanese soldier and 60 civilians, including ten minors and three journalists, as well as Hezbollah fighters.

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