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Verstappen’s great threat at the 2023 Emilia Romagna GP

The leader of the Formula 1 ranking has to face one of the biggest threats in the new race weekend in Italy

The town of Imola, in Italy, continues to suffer the consequences of the heavy rains that do not stop. The Italian Meteorological Office has issued new flood and landslide warnings for this Tuesday and Wednesday. Persistent rainfall in northern Italy has forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. This in turn makes the next race difficult GP in Emilia Romagna 2023.

The latest weather models show that Imola will be subject to excessive rainfall over the next 24-48 hours, with up to 100mm of precipitation through Wednesday night. This severe weather could disrupt the teams’ initial set-up plans ahead of the first leg of a busy triple header, which will also include visits to Monaco and Barcelona. Thus, the leader of Formula 1, max verstappen, he could come face to face with one of his greatest enemies for the season.

Difficulties for Verstappen at the 2023 Emilia Romagna GP

The race is still on despite the weather in Italy

Despite the brutality of the weather, the Imola circuit has managed to escape damage caused so far, so the race weekend is strongly expected to proceed as planned. However, the rain is forecast to persist for the remainder of the week, with the possibility of lighter showers on Thursday and Friday for media day and early practice sessions, respectively.

Unsettled weather is expected to continue during qualifying, and there’s even a chance of thunderstorms on race day. This forecast could stymie plans to test a new qualifying tire format at Imola, which was planned to use only the hard tires in Q1, the mediums in Q2 and finally the softs in Q3. It might be necessary to use the intermediate tires and the full rain tires.

New generation of rain tires

As for the rain tires, a new compound will be introduced this weekend tires full rain. Mario Isola, Pirelli’s sporting director, confirmed: “Starting with this Grand Prix, a new all-wet tire compound will be introduced that will not require the use of tire warmers beforehand.

Track tests have shown even better performance than before Cinturato Blue full rain, even without electric tire heating. The result of the studies carried out by Pirelli is the first concrete step towards the use of dry tires without preheating. In this way we can see another performance in Formula 1.

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