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The young actor escaped the worst. THE Sony Universe of Marvel Charactersnovelty of the year 2018 to introduce villains connected to the universe to the cinema Spiderman, is a stillborn massacre. After the pitiful first opus of Venomsign Ruben Fleischerwe were treated to the catastrophic Venom: Let There Be Carnage ofAndy Serkis before the turnip that was Morbius. The culmination of this industrial disaster: Marvel transferred the Vulture of Michael Keaton of mcu to the Sony universe in an incoherent script pirouette. Finally, we will soon discover the adaptation around Kraven the hunter, which risks being quite messy.

To go back to Venom 2, the film seems to have generally pleased viewers despite its major weaknesses. One of them: Having sabotaged the character of Carnageembodied by Woody Harrelson. Venom third of the name will see a new filmmaker, Kelly Marcel, take in hand the adventures of the Symbiote. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Andy Serkis came back for a long time on Venom 2 and the post-credits scene that sees Eddie Brock land for a short time in the world of mcu :

“We weren’t sure of the level of involvement that this world [le MCU] would meet with ours. […] There were drafts that had more, a little more, on the other [il parle du Spider-Man de Tom Holland selon le journaliste]. The unsaid. It was very, very carefully chosen. »

Finally, the presence of Venom in the mcu was quickly dispatched. Eddie Brockeven though he was originally scheduled to participate in the final fight of No Way Homeonly came on screen to have a drink at a bar near the Statue of Liberty where a trace of the symbiote was left (suggesting a New Venom with Mag Gargan – Michael Mando?). It now remains to be seen what the Sony Universe with these sick characters and its wobbly universe. Waiting for, Kraven the hunter is scheduled to land in theaters for the October 4, 2023.

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