It’s been a few weeks since Divya Agarwal won the Bigg Boss OTT Winner trophy and she still hasn’t stopped receiving congratulatory messages. The famous reality TV actress is spending time with her family and friends these days. During an interview, Varun was seen sharing some interesting things with Sood after winning Bigg Boss OTT. He said in the interview: ‘I am happy that this digital show happened for the first time and I am the winner of the first season. Even after 15 years, people will remember the winner of the first season. It was a historic victory for me and people are appreciating it.

She further said: ‘I wasn’t sure if I would be able to reveal my true form to the audience or not. I am so happy to see that people have given me so much love and support after coming out of the closet. This show was an exhibition for me, but if I talk about work, I don’t want people to give me work for my followers but for my performance.

Divya Aggarwal was asked a question about Varun Sood, in response to which she said: ‘To be honest, the way you supported me throughout my journey. That was something very important to me. He also reviewed my final outfit and reached out to the designer to wish me well. She further said: ‘Even when I was at Bigg Boss’s house, Varun used to text me’ good morning ‘and’ good night ‘every day on my WhatsApp. Varun and my celebration fund are very different. We love watching movies, popcorn, drinking cold drinks.



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