Vaquero broke 20 years of silence at Vive Latino 2024

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Vaquero met at Vive Latino 2024 after being off the radar for 20 years. Chetes, Maurizio and Rodrigo put on a show for the most loyal fans.

The legendary band of the royal outpost transported us to the intolerant space of Live Latino 2024with a set full of powerful classics that remind you of the importance of the trio Hard rock in Mexican music.

Vaquero returned to Vive Latino before a Fan base Loyalist who had been waiting for years for this return of the band that made him up Chetes, Maurizio And Rodrigoand they have more than paid for the years of absence.

Vaquero played a powerful set at Vive Latino 2024. Photo: David Barajas for

The powerful nostalgia of the royal outpost at Vive Latino 2024

Vaquero is reunited with his fans after 20 years

“How is Vive Latino?” asked Chetes in one of the few interactions of the evening, as the station had a lot of little songs to dust off so as not to make its fans want to hear any song from yesterday.

“Yesterday Song” was one of the most popular songs and we saw many fans clamoring for a comeback that seemed impossible until recently. Let’s remember that Zurdok was present at the 2014 edition as a comeback, but at that time the band was making more noise around the reunion, before and after, but those of Vaquero surprised us with this announcement.

The Vive has a very special curatorship when it comes to finding meetings and taking us back to the roots of the festival. In a fairly well-armed intolerant space with two twin levels, the power of the Riffs from Chetes The tone of both scenarios trembled.

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There was a great dynamic between Maurizio and Chetes. Photo: David Barajas for

Meeting to enjoy for his fans and for the band

It was obvious that the members had a lot of fun since then Maurizio And Chetes Their paths crossed, they laughed and even pointed at each other when they had a solo or a bridge. They opened strong with “All Day Dreamer,” and even though they were playing at that moment Bad religion And BelanovaMany enthusiastic fans gathered to sing every song of this project in English.

The band didn’t stop smiling and feeling every riff and bridge, and Rodrigo gave us some fills that aren’t included in his studio songs. One of the most requested songs was “Money” and the fans were happy, but also demanded a lot from the band. As they played the most requested songs, fans jumped to their feet and sang their hearts out in a powerful yet sober show that confirmed the special connection Vaquero’s music has with her audience.

We’ll be following Vaquero’s news closely as this reunion could mean new material and more shows too. What they showed at Vive Latino is exciting, because rock needs more meetings like this, especially when they come with new songs from a band with proven quality.


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