New patrols to enforce the use of the Islamic veil in Iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have announced that they are stationed on the streets of the country new patrols that impose the veil in a more “serious” way in public places, offices, shopping centers, streets, parks or public transportespecially in Tehran (the Iranian capital).

As it says in a statement, these are elite groups – which will strengthen the work of the “moral police”. the Ayatollah regime – and whose task will be to defend the Islamic Republic. A new body made up of men who They were called “ambassadors of affection.” They will ensure compulsory use of the hijab amid a new campaign that many Iranians have dubbed a “war on women.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards justifies that this reinforcement is initiated due to the “degeneration of families and especially of young people who are fostered by the enemy” – mainly the USA and Israel.attacking Iran’s religious and social wealth.”. He accuses these countries of investing heavily in the media, social networks and mercenaries to “destroy the values ​​of religion by imposing the challenge of hijab.”

Iranian women who do not have adequate insurance are arrested. Amnesty International has repeatedly denounced an unfair surveillance campaign in Iran and penalties for not wearing the hijab.

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