The social media sensation, also known as Javed, is quite famous for her glam looks and bold style. Hot small-screen actress Urfi Javed’s outfit in weird-poor dresses continues to make headlines. Meanwhile, recently, Bigg Boss 15 fame Urfi Javed made such a reveal, knowing that everyone is shocked. In fact, Urfi has told how her relatives were against her for wearing a daring dress.

Urfi Javed, who raised the temperature of the internet with a daring look, has recalled the days of his life when some of his relatives opposed him. Talking about those days of struggle, Urfi Javed has said that all the relatives used to get angry because of his short and daring clothes. Because of this, they used to cut his outfits with scissors, so that he would not be able to wear clothes in front of them again. Overcoming all these problems, nowadays, he kept the hobby of wearing special outfits in front of the world and people loved him very much. Although sometimes Urfi Javed is also trolled for this, which Urfi Javed takes very well.

Speaking about this behavior of his relatives, Urfi Javed said: ‘Before, everyone was against me. But now things have changed and now everyone wants to take selfies with me. This is also unavoidable because Urfi Javed has created his own identity through social media. However, all the credit for this Urfi success goes to his fans and paparazzi, especially on social media. Urfi Javed also agrees on this matter.


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