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University demonstrations challenge the Milei government in Argentina

University demonstrations challenge the Milei government in Argentina

Caracas.- Tens of thousands of Argentines began this Tuesday a new day of protests against the government of Javier Milei and in defense of the free public university, institutions on the verge of collapse due to the libertarian government’s drastic budget cuts.

The demonstrations were called by students, teachers and rectors of the country’s 55 public universities, who denounced Milei’s harsh policy towards the public sector, known as the “adjustment measures” of the “chainsaw plan”, which endangers the continuity of studies for tens of thousands of students.

Trade union and social organizations, human rights organizations, politicians from various parties, journalists, writers, artists and groups joined the march, uniting for the first time to try to oppose Milei’s adjustment policies, which have led to massive layoffs and exacerbated the economic crisis stop an accelerated increase in poverty, which is around 50% and continues to rise.

In Córdoba, the second largest city after Buenos Aires in the central region of the country, a massive mobilization is taking place crossing Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen, one of the main arteries of this city.

In images captured by local media, the crowd can be seen filling the aforementioned avenue from end to end as protesters march towards the Milei government with cheers, banners and demands.

Even in the north of the country, in Santiago del Estero, there are already massive mobilizations on the streets to protest against Milei’s government and in defense of public education.}

In the country’s capital, where the mobilization is expected to gain momentum in the afternoon, various actors have already started mobilizing, including students and teachers from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Meanwhile, the governor of Buenos Aires province, Axel Kicillof, told local press El Destape that this Tuesday’s march “will be very crucial” because it responds to all the popular discontent over “the lies.” ” “from the Milei government.

Kicillof added that Milei had “caused very great damage” to the country in just four months due to his economic policies and decisions that had nothing to do with what he had promised during the election campaign and with an “unprecedented cut.” . Argentina.

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