Two Eid films received censorship clearance

comes oathThere are a number of films waiting for release on Ul Fitr. The campaign has already started. There are also efforts to get censorship clearance. “Kajal Rekha” and “Lipstick” joined the procession.

Although for a few days many said that two films might be delayed due to lack of censorship. However, since these words were ignored, the two films were censored. Nothing stands in the way of the release of these two films.

One of the members of the censorship committee, Khorshed Alam Khosru, confirmed granting censorship clearance to two films.

‘Kajal Rekha’ director Ghiyas Uddin Salim said, “I don’t know why people spread such rumours.” Let’s just say things are false. oathIf it doesn’t happen, we would inform ourselves officially. Now “Kajal Rekha” officially has uncut censorship and we oathI’m coming

The film is based on the 16th century Mymensingh song ‘Kajal Rekha’. Shariful Raj and Mandira Chakraborty played the two lead roles of Kajal Rekha. Rafiat Rashid Mithila, Iresh Zaker, Azad Abul Kalam, Khairul Bashar, Sadia Ayman and many others act in various roles. In this film, Mithila plays the role of Kangan Dasi and Shariful Raj plays the role of Such Kumar.

This film is a government grant BangladeshIt is also released in various countries including Canada and America.

On the other hand, ‘Lipstick’ film hero Adar Azad posted the censorship clearance of his film on Facebook and wrote: ‘Alhamdulillah’. When contacted later, he said: “Today I received the censorship clearance for ‘Lipstick.'” Inshallah our “Lipstick” oathEgg will be released.”

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Romantic thriller film “Lipstick”. The story of the film will feature Buchi, a girl from a village near Dhaka. In her eyes, she dreams of becoming a hero. He came to Dhaka for this purpose. All formalities are almost completed. Now all that’s left is to be a heroine. Become a heroine. Then another life begins. Pooja Cherry played the role of Buchi in it. Adar Azad is his hero.

Misha Saudagar, Shahiduzzaman Salim and others also starred in the film directed by Kamruzzaman Roman.

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