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Traders warn the pound of onion could cost more than RD $ 100.00 again due to shortage

The Federation of Economic Union Merchants (FCUE) denounced that there is already a shortage of onion in the country, for which they reiterated that it is necessary for the Government to authorize retail traders import permits in order to avoid a possible rise in the product in the next months.

They assured that it is a lie that there is, according to the producers, an abundance of onions in the country, and that not to import it its price could go back to be from more than RD $ 100.00 per pound.

“There is no onion, there is no abundance of it. If import permits are not granted for December there will not be and the little that is sold would have a price higher than RD $ 100.00 per pound, as in previous times, ”said Julio López, president of the FCUE.

He said that there is a worrying situation because President Luis Abinader, who has given great support to national production through Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz, is being deceived, since the Government bought the entire production from the producers.

“The government bought the onion through the Ministry of Agriculture, the Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre) and the Agricultural Bank from the producers, and they now say that they have an abundance of onion, however, in the wholesale and retail trade. We don’t have onion, ”López explained.

Said now the onion costs RD $ 50 a pound in grocery stores and RD $ 45 in supermarkets, but that the price is constantly rising.

He questioned why if there is an abundance of onion in the fields, as the producers say, the price of has been rising.

He described the dumping of agricultural products as vandalism, so he understands that it is a maneuver by a group to extract money from the State.



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