Home Sports La Fedobe presents a plaque to Franklin Mirabal

La Fedobe presents a plaque to Franklin Mirabal

La Fedobe presents a plaque to Franklin Mirabal

The Baseball Federation recognized the successful career of 34 years and 25 years as sports editor of the newspaper HOY of journalist Franklin Mirabal.

He also stressed that he has always supported baseball from all his media.

Juan Núñez, president of the Federation, was accompanied by great leaders of that sport to present a plaque to Mirabal in a ceremony held in Bonao, prior to the opening of the Final Series of the Summer League.

Friends, players, children and athletes from Bonao attended the activity, managing to excite the sports journalist.

"Today is a very special day for me. I am very excited to be recognized by the Federation of the sport of my dreams"Mirabal said.

With almost tears in his eyes, Mirabal revealed something that in his opinion is a vital part of his legacy as a journalist.

"When Ramón Cuello gave me the opportunity 34 years ago, I set out to help 25 new sportswriters"Mirabal said.

And do you know something?

Mirabal asked: "I achieved that dream, I have had to do with the arrival, progress and consolidation of 25 new sportswriters", he assured.

Juan Núñez, president of FEDOBE, who said he was a "Tremendous admirer" of the quality, vision, charisma and consistency of Mirabal, prepared a special profile to motivate the recognition.

Textually he said:

The Dominican Baseball Federation is highly pleased to have the opportunity to recognize one of the most important and award-winning sports journalists in the history of the Dominican Republic.

Charismatic, versatile, innovative, broadcaster, journalist, writer, storyteller and with 34 years of successful career.

A round of applause for FRANKLIN MIRABAL !.

1- 25 years as Sports Editor of the TODAY Newspaper.

2- Author of 23 Books.

3- A Narrator owner of 70 sentences.

4- Leader in social networks.

5- On the way to turning 30 years old with its programs Impacto Deportivo Radio y Televisión.

6- Winner of 27 Awards.

7- Propeller of more than 25 new sports chroniclers.

He always supports baseball, helps his colleagues and practices his profession with joy, quality and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to FRANKLIN MIRABAL!

Surrounded by many athletes, Mirabal promised that he will go as a fan to one of the final games.


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