Tourism: Amsterdam wants to change its face by banning drug use on the street

This is the other postcard of Amsterdam (Netherlands), which attracts many tourists, smoking cannabis in complete freedom. But in a few days, smoking a joint in the street will be prohibited there. The measure could then be extended to the terraces of coffee shops, enough to cool marijuana lovers. “I don’t think people who smoke weed will come here anymore”, said a tourist. Discouraging tourists who only come for the purpose of partying is the objective of the town hall, which also requires bars, restaurants and establishments dedicated to sex to close their doors earlier.

Shock awareness campaigns

And the city hardens the tone with a shock campaign aimed at the British, reputed to be undisciplined, on the risks incurred in the event of abuse. This policy is demanded by the inhabitants of the red light district who complain of nuisance linked to the consumption of drugs and alcohol and even wish to prohibit the sale of cannabis to foreigners in coffee shops. The mayor also wants to move sex workers, in the center, to the outskirts, something they oppose, as well as the inhabitants of the suburbs.

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