Tom Cruise back for Oblivion 2: Rumors multiply

In 2013after a very successful Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinsky introduced us obliviona sci-fi thriller with Tom Cruise in the lead role. The story was that of Jack Harperan infinitely cloned astronaut, who is missioned by the Tetan extra-terrestrial organism in order to destroy a race of so-called ” Aliens“. Finally, Jack Harper ends up realizing that Tet, supposed to be a protective power of the Earth is none other than his executioner and that the bad guys are only dissident humans who are just trying to survive. Jack find Juliahis wife and ends up blowing himself up with the leader of the human stronghold in the Tet. The end of the movie (the whole thing is a bit difficult to understand in writing) sees one of the clones of Jack reach an isolated house where awaits Julia. In summary, if you want to tame the very winding and complicated scenario of oblivionone needs to see it.

oblivion received mixed reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and brought in nearly $286 million in international revenue For about 130 million budget. According to the magazine of Giant Freakin’ Robotwhose credibility is to be put into perspective but which announced (all the same) before everyone else arrives Jack Kesy in new Hellboy or that of Anson Mount back for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Oblivion 2 would be on the right track. Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise would come back.

Oblivion © Chernin Entertainment

The story would take place fifteen years after the original film. Jack, Julia and their daughter would fight the Tetrepaired since the events of the first opus and on its way to conquering the planet Earth. The magazine also announces that one of the reasons why Oblivion 2 could be started is the enormous success of Top Gun: Maverick ($1.493 billion in revenue) who had also brought together Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise on the same project. As of now, there is no release date given for the film yet.

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