Three castaways who wrote “HELP” with palm trees rescued on a remote Pacific island

When there is no way out, sometimes all you have to do is ask for “HELP”: that was the lesson three sailors learned this week afterwards Stranded on a deserted island in the Pacific and write a giant message out of palm trees that his rescuers managed to see from heaven.

Three experienced sailors in their 40s were stranded on a deserted island when their motorboat malfunctioned after departing from Polowat Atoll in Micronesia on March 31.

The men were reported A woman went missing on Saturday and told the US Coast Guard about it that his three uncles never returned from Pikelot, a tiny island in the remote western Pacific.

The word HELP from the palms of the castaways
The word HELP from the palms of the castawaysAFP

“In a powerful display of their willingness to be found, the sailors wrote ‘HELP’ in the sand with palm fronds, which was a crucial factor in their discovery,” said Lt. Chelsea Garcia, search and rescue mission rescue coordinator.

He added that the three were spotted by a US Navy aircraft on Sunday.

“This act of ingenuity was pivotal in directing efforts directly to the site.”he added.

The plane dropped them survival equipment and a day later rescuers dropped a radio through which the sailors reported that they were in good health and had access to food and water.

moment when the three lost sailors are rescued on a remote island in the Pacific
moment when the three lost sailors are rescued on a remote island in the PacificEFE agency

A boat rescued the men on Tuesday morning and brought them back to Polowat Atoll, the coast guard said.

In August 2020, in a similar incident, three sailors from Micronesia were stranded in the same location and were rescued after fighter jets from the US and Australia spotted a giant “SOS” sign on the beach.

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