This is the Russian S-500 Prometheus system, which can intercept hypersonic missiles

The world of air defense has taken a step forward with the new system S-500 Prometheus developed by Russia. This advanced system that was put into service 2021is designed to detect and neutralize a variety of aerial threats, including aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles, drones and other aerodynamic objects.

With extended range and the ability to attack multiple targets simultaneously, that is S-500 Prometheus It is a fundamental part of Russia’s defense strategy and provides effective protection against the world’s most advanced air threats. Its deployment represents a significant advance in national security and strengthens Russia’s position as a leader in defense technology.

The S-500 Prometheus
The S-500 PrometheusSputnik News

Features of the S-500 Prometheus

It was put into service in the year 2021 to ensure that Moscow air and missile defense. It has been equipped with various radars that, according to commercial information released by Russia, have a surveillance and detention potential of approximately 3,000 kilometers against non-stealthy aircraft and 1,300 kilometers against surface targets.

The S-500 Prometheus can deploy the following types of missiles:

  • He 40N6Mintended to intercept aircraft
  • He 77N6 rocketintended for intercepting ballistic targets
  • Rockets The goal is to destroy satellites in low orbits

Tests against hypersonic targets

According to a statement from Russian Defense Ministry to IzvestiaHe S-500 Prometheus, has undergone rigorous testing that has confirmed its ability to detect, track and neutralize hypersonic missiles with unprecedented precision. Equipped with the latest technology, this system can be used in demanding environments and adverse weather conditions, ensuring the protection of Russian airspace at all times.

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